​4 Steps to a Healthy Work-at-Home Daily Routine

​(​that gets sh*t done!)

​When working from home, your daily routine is king.

It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned pro in the home office or you're still struggling with the Coronavirus lockdown, if you don't have an effective daily routine, you simply won't get your sh*t done.

Laze around in your PJs, have a late breakfast, check TwitFace for the latest cat videos and watch a couple of re-runs of Mexican soap operas, and before you know ​it'll be lunchtime​.

And then you panic because you've got an awful lot of work to catch up on and you haven't started yet.

If you let this lethargy carry on, you'll be working into the small hours, and you won't have had any time to spend with the spouse and the kids​.

Your boss will fire you, and you're heading for divorce city!

​Daily Routine - The Essential Elements

​Well, working from home is​ easy than you might think, and to help you I've created a big picture of all the things you'll need to work from home, including what you need to be productive, and physically and mentally healthy.

Here's what the ​small part about your ​daily routine looks like:

Daily Routine

​Let's go through these and see how it's done.

Choices, Choices...

And now I will give you a choice...

​You can either watch the video below to learn more about your ​daily routine or you can read the text instead.

Or maybe you might like to do both - the video is shorter, but there is more detail in the text!

It's up to you...

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​Is This What Your Daily Routine​ Looks Like?

​You're used to getting up and going to your office, and I can guarantee that you do everything in the same order every day. Get out of bed, shower, brush teeth, have breakfast, feed the cat, drive to work, etc., etc..

​These are all a part of your daily routine. You haven't written it down, it's just become a habit, and you do it all without thinking. It has order, everything has a place, one thing naturally follows on from another, and everything gets done.

And then you start working from home, and it all goes to hell in a handcart!

You get out of bed and have a shower, and then decide you will brush your teeth after breakfast. So you feed the cat, water the plants​ and load the washing machine.

Then you go to your home office and turn on your laptop. While it's booting, you ​fold ​a few clothes, tidy up a little and then start doing some work.

You get into the work groove, and then suddenly realise - at almost lunchtime - that you haven't cleaned your teeth yet!


OK, I'll do it after lunch.

And then you get side-tracked after lunch because you hang the clothes out on the line, take the dog for a walk, tidy up some more, and so on...

You get to the end of the day and you still haven't brushed your teeth!

Maybe I'll remember tomorrow...

How to Plan a Productive Daily Routine When You're Working From Home


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​Daily Routine - Don't Forget Your Ablutions!

​One of the first things to go out the window when working from home is your daily ablutions. Having a wash, getting dressed and brushing your teeth.

And it's not that you ​choose​ not to do these things, it's because you don't have a work-from-home daily routine. Your usual get-up-and-​drive-to-the-office routine is disrupted​​​, and you have to create a new work-at-home routine.

The key to building an effective daily routine is to write it down, even if it's as simple as a ​to do list, and your daily wash-dress-brush has to go into it.

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Build Mealtimes Into Your ​Daily Routine​

​What do you do at lunchtime when you're in the office office?

  • ​Canteen
  • ​Sandwich
  • ​Microwaved leftovers

​Whichever of these options you choose, it's designed to fit into the one hour slot your boss allows you for lunch.

When you're working in your home office you're not constrained like this. There is no start and end time for lunch, there's no canteen, you haven't made a sandwich, and there aren't any leftovers because you haven't planned ahead.

So you have to either grab the closest thing to hand or start cooking from scratch. The former option isn't healthy, while the latter is too time consuming.

The trick here is to plan your meals ahead of time​:

  1. 1
    ​Write down what you will have
  2. 2
    ​Prepare ​your meals in advance

Are you going to have a tuna salad sandwich for lunch on Monday? Then make the salad at the weekend, and the sandwich will only take you 2 minutes to put together.

Spaghetti Bolognese on Tuesday for lunch? This will need to be made beforehand so you're not cooking an entire meal at lunchtime. Then microwave it in 2 minutes.

You get the idea.

Home Office Tip

​Think ahead

​Write it down

​Prepare it

​Put it all in your daily routine!

​Your Work Plan Goes Into Your ​Daily Routine​ Too

​This is the most obvious thing, but whatever work you plan to do in the day must go into your daily routine - it's everything else that tends to get left out.

But what does an effective daily routine work plan look like?

Well, it's different for everyone, because we ​all have our periods of high productivity at different times of the day, but it might look a little like this:


  • ​Start work
  • ​Work package 1​
  • ​Small break
  • Work package 2​
  • End work
  • Lunch


  • ​Start work
  • ​Work package ​3
  • ​Small break
  • Work package ​4
  • End work
  • ​Dinner

​Your boss might disagree with me, but the work packages aren't the most important parts of your work routine.

If you don't fix your start and end times, your home life will ​intrude into your work life, and ​the quantity of work you get through will dip. If you don't take regular breaks, the quality of your work will suffer.

What's important here is that you create a daily routine that allows you to maximise each individual work package. Give yourself the time and space you need to complete that package with maximum quality in ​​the allotted time.

That requires focus and planning.

And the benefit is that you get to ​complete your work every day and then ​enjoy the rest of ​your time with ​the family.

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​Personal Time

​Have you planned to take some personal time in your work-at-home day?

If not, then you're missing ​the most important part.

The greatest joy I've had in my life is watching my daughter grow up.

I didn't miss her first steps because I was at work. I didn't miss her first words or her first bumps and bruises (and yes, I did enjoy getting the hugs that ​resulted from them). I haven't missed any school events either.

Working from home is one of the most amazing things you can do, because you get to live life on your terms and on your timetable - as long as you can still get your sh*t done and keep the boss happy!

So make sure you plan your personal time and put it in your daily routine.

Whether it's playing with the kids after breakfast, kicking a ball around at lunchtime or going to the park in the evening. Whatever you would like to do, put it in your routine.

These are the rewards you'll get after a hard day of planning, focusing and getting sh*t done.

​Your Daily Routine - Summary

It may seem simplistic to tell you to put these 4 things into your work-from-home daily routine:

  • ​Ablutions
  • Meals
  • ​Work
  • ​Personal Time

​But if you don't put them in, you will not be ​productive, and either your home life or work life will suffer.

​It's not about having a list of 4 items on your to do list. It is about going into the details of how you will do them, when, and for how long.

It's about having a routine that works for you, your wife/husband, your kids and your boss.

And that takes planning, focus and - most of all - a little trial ​and error. If your first attempt at a daily routine doesn't quite hit the mark, adjust it and go again. The more you do it, the more likely it will be to succeed.

Good luck!

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